Flow through venturi meter experiment lab report

Gains The Effects portion reveals the key experimental discoveries, for example figures and desks containing the time frame you obtained, and text talking about the need for the actual outcome. Every techie proficiency in this world is ineffective without the need of the opportunity to converse your results to individuals.

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Amity Flow

A Observe on Publishing: You will talk over these faults in depth contained in the Final results section, precisely how you strategy them and what you may solution the crooks to be is relevant on the course of treatment thus ought to be reviewed throughout this section.

That way, the real key parts of the report are direct similar to your sections of a formal medical paper. FM is designed to measure a flow of an incompressible fluid.

The Lab Report Summarize is intended as the basics of writing your lab report. If the water level in the manometer board is too high where it is out of visible point, we need to adjust the water level by using the staddle valve.

Flow through Venturi Tube Inlet and throat diameters of the Venturi tube were recorded. In general, orifice meter have the highest minor loss coefficient, while venturi meter have the lowest. At this time, the pump from the hydraulic bench was, still supplying water at a certain pressure in the system.

Sum up your play with it in just one fast section. The answer is that the discharge coefficient for a given valve is smaller for a liquid than it is for a gas due to the expansion of the gas as it passes through the valve. For that to get a possibility, you must be equipped to convey to other investigators around the globe what your outcome was, how you will picked up those individuals findings, and why those particular results are critical write my lab report for me.

FM is supplied ready for use and only requires connection to the Hydraulic Bench Model: Investigate the variation in pressure at inlet and throat at various rates of flow.

Examine the reasons for miscalculation, both unique and systematic, and ways in which the issues hinder your end results.

FM apparatus is designed to operate together with a basic hydraulic bench or a water supply. Next, when we take the readings from the manometer, it should be taken at the eye level which is perpendicular to our eyes to avoid parallax error. Express your set up-up sketches are actually demanded plus procedure used.

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While in the next few web sites we shall take a look at these segments in depth, explaining the key factors of all location, and in what way they should be presented. Make sure the report is sensible, and therefore the majority of the words are written professionally and applied safely and securely.Venturi meter, orifice meter, and Pitot tube are widely used head flow meters in the industry.

The Pitot-static is often used for measuring the local velocity in pipes or ducts. For measuring flow in enclosed ducts or channels, the Venturi meter and orifice meters are more convenient and more frequently used.

An elbow is used to change the direction of fluid flow. Venturi meters and orifice plates In the Fluid Flow lab you will measure characteristic curves for You will then use these data to make predictions for flow rates through a pipe network and verify these predictions experimentally.

Experiment No Flow through orifice meter Background and Theory Flow meters are used in the industry to measure the volumetric flow rate of fluids. CALIBRATION OF AN ORIFICE PLATE FLOWMETER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT KING SAUD UNIVERSITY RIYADH Submitted By: ABDULLAH IBN ABDULRAHMAN be longer pipe connecting the venturi-meter and the orifice plate or the Reynolds number values obtained from the lab manual and from a curve fit of.

ECM Thermofluid Engineering: Flow Meter Laboratory Report Introduction This report will investigate the operation and accuracy of three types of flow meters: 1. Venturi meter 2.

Orifice plate 3.

Venturi effect

Variable area meter the calculated flow rate through each meter can be compared to. It shows that venturi meter is more accurate compare to orifice meter which the flow rates of venturi meter is closer to the actual value of the flow rates.

Lab Report for Venturi Meter

On the whole, our experiment was successfully done because we has achieved the objective of the experiment.

Flow through venturi meter experiment lab report
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